Monthly Archives: April 2015

Raise in SharePoint Online storage limits

The storage limits in Office 365 are skyrocketing, with unlimited storage already available in OneDrive for Business and a minimal fee to get unlimited storage in Exchange Online. For SharePoint Online, the default assigned storage is currently 10 GB + 500 MB per licensed user, and the maximum file size for uploads are 2 GB… Read More »

Transcoding Exchange Online Message sizes

With regards to the recent announced support for e-mail messages up to 150 MB it is important to note that the new limits only applies to non-transcoded messages that is handled in the Office Outlook client. When a message is routed between mail systems, overhead may be added due to transcoding, or Base64/MIME conversion. Arriving… Read More »

Exciting news released in the Office 365 Roadmap

Microsoft have updated their Office 365 Roadmap with two new exciting features; Sign-In Page Branding and Self Service Password Reset. So far these two options has been restricted to Azure Active Directory Premium subscribers, but will now be made available for all Office 365 subscribers. The Sign-in Page Branding enables Office 365 customers to select… Read More »

Change Maximum Message Size limits in Exchange Online

Until recently the largest allowed e-mail message size in Office 365 was 25 MB as the public “softlimit”, and a 35 MB technical “hardlimit”. Although most e-mail messages are much smaller than the 25 MB limit, attaching files to an e-mail will quickly get you over the message size limit, resulting in a Non-Delivery Report… Read More »

Office 365 Mobile Device Management

Last week, Microsoft released the new builtin Mobile Device Management (MDM) capabilities for Office 365. With MDM for Office 365, the access to Office 365 data can be managed across a wide range of mobile devices, based on either iOS, Android or Windows Phone. The new MDM features are included in all Office 365 commercial… Read More »