American IPv4 address pool is now empty

On 24 September 2015, American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) issued the final addresses in its free IPv4 address pool.

Future requests for IPv4 address blocks will be processed via ARIN’s “Wait List” for IPv4 requests.

Any additional IPv4 address space that ARIN may receives from IANA, or recovers via revocations or returns from organizations, will be used to satisfy approved requests on the Waiting List.

Organizations in desperate need for additional IPv4 addresses may acquire IPv4 addresses through the growing IPv4 Transfer Market, where free IPv4 addresses are traded.

As IPv4 addresses are running out globally, and with more and more Internet users coming online, and more and more devices connecting to the Internet of Things, now is the time to plan, prepare and perform the switch to IPv6, where addresses are more than plentiful.

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IPv4 Transfer:

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