About the Author

Hi, my name is Jakob Østergaard Nielsen.

I have created this blog for sharing knowledge and experience gathered from technical topics during my professional work and involvement in the IT community.

Professionally I work as the Chief Architect ans Operations Manager at ITM8 | JDM in Denmark.

With a strong commitment to customer success in cloud architecture and digital transformation, I focus on empowering organizations to gain the full potential and value of cloud computing.

My expertise is in delivering robust solutions across identities, devices, data, and services, based on industry-leading frameworks like Cloud Adoption Framework and Zero Trust principles.

Throughout my career, I have successfully led cloud transformation initiatives across multiple sectors, which include finance, education, pharmaceuticals, and utilities. By leveraging my extensive knowledge and experience in Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, and cyber security, I provide a solid foundation for resilient, secure, and highly functional IT operations that drive business success. Additionally, I have significant technical and operational experience in AI, DevOps, SQL, Dynamics 365, licensing, and in various regulatory compliance standards (ISO27001, NIS2, SWIFT, etc).



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