Microsoft Ignite 2015 keynote recap

Yesterday, the Microsoft Ignite conference 2015 was opened in Chicago with a great keynote, where Satya Nadalla went on stage and shared the visions, ideas and transformation that shapes the products and technology innovations Microsoft are presenting during the conference and beyond.

The “Mobile First, Cloud First” manifest was repeated as the overall strategy, but the slogan was explained by Satya as the “mobility of the experience across all the computing devices in our lives, that only happens because the cloud enables it”. Satya moved on and emphasized that the distributed cloud infrastructure must empower all our devices and apps that are generating and consuming vast amount of data, while still enabling a friction-free user experience, security, privacy and management.

Satya stated the opportunity and driver of Microsoft to “move IT from delivering information technology in our organizations to driving the innovation and transformation in our organizations” as the theme of the Microsoft Ignite Conference 2015.

The future agenda of Microsoft will be focused on three inter-locking core ambitions:

  • Create more personal computing
    • Enable mobility of the experience across devices
    • Natural interactions and interfaces
    • Most trusted platform
    • Support for Innovative new hardware devices and categories
    • Windows as a service – new generation of Windows
  • Reinvent productivity & business processes
    • Built for dual-use (work/home), business processes & productivity
    • Built-in Mobile, social and collaborative, intelligent capabilities
    • New scenarios: Cortana, Sway, Delve, Power BI & sales productivity
    • People -centric, security and compliance
  • Build the intelligent cloud
    • Enable enterprise mobility
    • Drive application innovation and agility
    • Unlock insights from big data that organizations need
    • Transform the data center to drive choices between Public, Private and hybrid cloud

Important announcements during the keynote:

  • Windows Update for Business – add new capabilities that change
  • New public preview of Office 2016
  • Broadcasting capabilities in Skype for Business
  • Organizational analytics in Office Delve
  • Windows Server 2016 Preview
  • System Center 2016 Preview
  • SQL Server 2016 Preview
  • Azure Stack
  • Operations Management Suite
  • Advanced Threat Analytics

Special exciting was the announcement of the Azure Stack, which enables organizations to deploy the foundation of Azure inside the on-premise data center and running a consistent public Azure cloud experience within their own environment.

Operations Management Suite delivers one control interface with consistent logging, monitoring, analytic, recovery and orchestrations across the different cloud platforms.

Among the abilities of the new Advanced Threat Analytics is that it enable organizations to analyze, detect and counter advanced threaths to the Active Directory service, based on behaviour changes and validation patterns.

Notable quotas:

“Just because you have big data, doesn’t mean your organization is gonna have big insights”

Keynote demonstrations:

An impressing number of new or improved technologies was demoed, including:

Watch the Microsoft Ignite 2015 keynote, session recordings and live stream on Channel 9:

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