How to enable a CSP customer to view Azure usage charges

Use the following instructions to enable the policy allowing customers to view Azure usage charges for CSP provided Azure Plans using their own Azure portal.

You must be a member of the Admin agent CSP role to view and update the policy.

First, open the Azure portal ( in the partners CSP tenant and sign in with the appropriate credentials.

In the Azure portal, select Cost Management + Billing

Now, select the Billing Scope blade, and here select the Partner center customer for commerce root .. billing scope

Select Customers

A list is now propagated showing all the customers that is associated with the partners billing account.

If you accidentally sign in to a customers tenant, you will not see the customer list.

In the list search and select the customer you want to allow costs usage view for.

Under the Settings section, select Policies.

The active cost visibility policy is now shown on the right-hand side.

The cost visibility policy apply to all the subscriptions for the selected customer, and unless the cost visibility is enabled by a partner, the policy remains disabled by default for all the customers users.

When the policy is set to No, cost visibility is not available for customer users.

When the cost policy is set to Yes, customer users can see usage charges at pay-as-you go (PAYG) rates.


Enable cost visibility by changing the policy to Yes

Click Save

Expect a short processing period (usually less than 5 minutes) before the change is reflected in the customers tenant.


Reservation usage appears with zero charges for actual and amortized costs.
Purchases and entitlements are not associated to a specific subscription, so purchases are not displayed at the subscription scope.

As an alternative to this approach, the Global Admin or the Admin agent of a direct partner or an indirect provider can also use the Update Customer API to set the cost visibility policy for multiple customers.


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