Retirement of Azure AD Graph API and legacy Powershell modules from 30. June 2023

Beginning 30. June 2023, Microsoft start the planned retirement of the Azure AD Graph service and three PowerShell modules; Azure AD, Azure AD-Preview and MS Online.

Although applications using Azure AD Graph APIs will continue to work after 30. June 2023, there will be no service level agreement or maintenance commitment beyond security-related fixes.

The retirement occurs gradually, where a number of cmdlets (Set-AzureADUserLicense, Set-MsolUserLicense, as well as -LicenseAssignment and -LicenseOptions options of New-MsolUser cmdlet) are finally phased out from 30. September 2023.

The final retirement of the PowerShell modules Azure AD, Azure AD-Preview and MS Online is scheduled for 30. March 2024.

To replace the deprecated modules, it is recommended that apps be migrated from Azure AD Graph API to Microsoft Graph API and that Azure AD PowerShell scripts be migrated to the Microsoft Graph PowerShell SDK.


Migration paths:

Migrate from Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) Graph to Microsoft Graph

Migrate from Azure AD PowerShell to Microsoft Graph PowerShell

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